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Terms of Business Agreement

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IMPORTANT – This document is our standard COMMERCIAL client agreement upon which we intend to rely. For your own benefit and protection you should read these terms carefully and only enter into any contract with us once you have done so. If you do not understand any point please ask for further information. If you are transacting business with us as a private client you need to refer to our CONSUMER agreement which should have been provided to you but please contact us if you do not have a copy.

Documents sent to you by letter will confirm whether you are being treated as a commercial or consumer client.

Duty of Disclosure

Every insurance contract is a legally binding contract and it is your responsibility to provide complete and accurate information to insurers when you take out your insurance policy, throughout the life of your policy, and when you renew your insurance. If you fail to disclose information which would affect the insurer’s acceptance of the risk, or there are any inaccuracies in information given, then this could result in your insurance policy being invalid or cover not operating fully.

It is important that you ensure all statements you make in any circumstance, whether verbal or in writing, and including but not limited to proposal forms, claim forms and other documents, are full and accurate. If a form is completed on your behalf, including statement of fact documents, a copy will be provided to you and you should check that the answers shown to any questions are true and accurate. Whilst we act as your agent when preparing such documents we do not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the disclosures made as this is based only on the information you have provided to us. Please ensure you check and amend where necessary any answers and notify us immediately of any inaccuracies. Proposal forms should be altered with any changes being initialed by you before signing the document and returning it to us.

Some examples of information that an insurer would expect to know:-

• All claims reported within a minimum of five years, whether a payment was made or not
• Any incident which may have or may still give rise to a claim which has not been reported to your insurers.
• Any incident where an insurer has refused to provide cover under a policy in relation to any claim reported
• Any instance where an insurer has given notice of cancellation of a policy or has considered a policy to be void due to non-disclosure
• Any instance where an insurer has imposed terms, such as increased excesses, or restricted cover
• Any incidents of prosecution being brought against you in respect of any trading Company or Partnership, including any prosecutions against subsidiaries
• Any criminal convictions of any director, principal or partner, whether successful or not, unless spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act
• Any trading companies with any link to any principal, director or partner which has been the subject of bankruptcy proceedings, liquidation arrangements or has had County Court Judgments recorded, whether satisfied or not.
• Any principal, partner or director involved in the business who has been personally declared bankrupt, been involved in any voluntary arrangements, or has had any County Court Judgments recorded against them, whether satisfied or not.
• Activities that would not normally be associated with your declared trade or occupation at the premises being insured.

The above are examples of the kind of thing to be disclosed but they are not exhaustive. Only you can provide disclosures that you know or believe may be material. Any disclosures should be clear and specific. We cannot be considered to have any knowledge of any information or any matter not expressly drawn to our attention even if this information can be found in the public domain. We cannot accept any responsibility for seeking information that you do not disclose to us that would be material to an insurer in considering your risk.

You are reminded that it is an offence under the Road Traffic Act to make any false statements or withhold any relevant information to obtain a Certificate of Motor Insurance. Please note that under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 you are not required to disclose convictions regarded as ‘Spent’. Should you need any clarification of this then please contact us. You are advised to keep copies of any correspondence you send to us or direct to your insurer.

If you are in any doubt about whether information is material, you should disclose it to us.


A.I.P.S. is the trading name of Autonetic Insurance & Pensions Services (A.I.P.S.) Ltd who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our FCA Register number is 309081. Our permitted business is advising and arranging general insurance contracts. You can check the above information on the FCA’s register by visiting the FCA’s website:- www.fca.gov.uk/register or by contacting the FCA on 0845 606 1234.

In arranging insurance for our customers, we act as an Independent Intermediary. Independent means we are not part of any network or buying group, although we may have special arrangements or agreements with some insurers which have been negotiated to provide advantages to our customers. We offer products from a range of insurers covering all classes of general insurance. Depending on your requirements and the markets available to us our approach to insurers will be tailored based on our expertise and your individual circumstances and you will be advised in each case of our actions. In the case of Healthcare Insurance, we only offer products from a limited number of insurers. The list of Insurers we offer is available on request

Our service includes advising you on your insurance needs (unless we advise you to the contrary), arranging your insurance cover with insurers to meet your requirements and helping you with any ongoing changes you have to make. We can also assist you with making a claim.

Payment for Services

We earn our remuneration by means of commission payments from insurers in respect of the business placed with them. If in any circumstances this is not the case, then we will charge you a fee for our services. The amount of such fee will be advised to you prior to the conclusion of any contract of insurance and shown as a separate item in the relevant invoice.

You are classed as a commercial customer within the terms of the FCA regulations and you have the right to be informed of the level of commission which we receive from underwriters. You are entitled at any time to request information regarding any commission which we may have received as a result of placing your insurance. We may make an administrative charge for certain policies, per transaction, but full details will disclosed be to you beforehand.

Governing law

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and the parties agree herewith that any dispute arising out of it shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Other taxes or costs

Other taxes or costs, or both, may exist in relation to the products and services offered by us which are not paid through, nor imposed, by us.

Confidentiality and data protection

All personal and sensitive information about our customers is treated as Private and Confidential.

We will only use and disclose the information we have about customers in the normal course of arranging and administering their insurances and as required under English Law, and will not disclose any information to any other parties without their written consent. Unless we are notified of any changes, we shall assume the personal and sensitive data we hold about our customers is correct, and shall use it to provide quotations when policies fall due for renewal.

In the interests of security and to improve our service, telephone calls you make to us may be monitored and/or recorded. We may pass information about you to credit reference agencies for the purposes of arranging payments by installments, and may also pass to them details of your payment record with us.

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, individuals have a right to see personal information about them that we hold in our records. A charge may be made for this service. If you wish to exercise this right, or have any other related queries, you should write to us at the above address.


We have no authority to handle claims on behalf of insurers. In the event of an incident occurring which may give rise to a claim under your policy, you will find details of the reporting process in the documentation we provide to you at inception or renewal. Many policies carry conditions that claims are notified within certain time limits so you should ensure that you advise us immediately you become aware of any incident which may be insured under your policy even if you subsequently choose not to pursue a claim. Our claims team will be happy to guide you through the reporting process and give you advice as to whether or not the incident should be reported to your insurers even if you choose not to claim. Adherence to this process will assist you to avoid any issue of non-disclosure which could affect your insurance contract.

• When we receive notification of an incident that might give rise to a claim under your policy, we will inform the insurer without delay.
• We shall use our best endeavors when acting on your behalf in relation to a claim, to handle all elements of the claim with due care, skill and diligence.
• We will advise you promptly of insurers’ requirements concerning claims, including the provision, as soon as possible, of information required to establish the nature and extent of a loss.
• If there is any conflict of interest, we shall only handle a claim on your behalf after we have disclosed to you all information you require, to enable you to decide whether to give your informed consent, and you have given that consent for us to handle the claim.
• We shall forward any payments received from insurers in respect of any claim, to you, without delay.
• We will notify you of any request for information we receive from your insurers.

Premiums and financial aspects

In order to be able to offer you credit facilities, we are registered under the Consumer Credit Act and our Licence Number is 149378.

We normally accept payment by cash, guaranteed cheque or credit/debit cards. We will charge 2.5% of any transaction when you use a credit card.

You may be able to spread your payments through insurers’ installment schemes or a credit scheme with a third party finance provider. We will give you full information about your payment options when we discuss your insurance in detail. Use of a third party finance provider, however, does not relieve you of your responsibility to settle any monies owed to us resulting from defaults or failed agreements.

Client Money Segregation (Statutory trust)

Premiums that we collect from you will be segregated into and held in a Client Money Bank Account. The client money will be held by us as trustee on your behalf. The Client Money Bank Account is set up as a trust governed by FCA rules. This means that once the client money is segregated into the Client Money Bank Account, it falls into our legal ownership but remains in the beneficial ownership of customers whose premiums are deposited in the Account. The money in the account can be used only for settlement of premiums to insurers for transactions notified to you and for payment of our remuneration as detailed in our “Service” declaration. If we become insolvent, the terms of the trust dictate that customers will have a prior claim on the client money in the Account according to their respective interests in the client money. The costs relating to the distribution of client money may have to be borne by the trust.

Customer money passed to another person

In accordance with FCA Regulations we have to inform you that in managing and/or arranging your insurance requirements, we may transfer money that you have paid us, in payment of an insurance premium, to another insurance intermediary. We shall always notify you if we arrange your insurance through a chain of suppliers. By accepting these Terms of Business, you are giving your consent for us to act in the manner described.

Risk Transfer

Client money will only be held on behalf of an insurer or underwriter in accordance with a written agency agreement which states that they agree to providing us with risk transfer. Where we have arranged cover via another intermediary, their agency agreement may not provide risk transfer once money is held by them and, in such circumstances, you will be notified and we shall ensure that we can provide you with information once the money is received by the Ultimate Insurer. You will be notified if this will affect your policy.

Return premiums

• Return premiums usually arise if an insurance risk is reduced or a policy cancelled. Return premiums are not an automatic right in the event of policy cancellation, however, and many insurers reserve their rights to refuse to allow a refund of premium unless the insurable interest in the policy has ceased. You should ensure that you are aware of the position on cancellation which will be set out in the policy document.

• On a return premium, we repay commission on the amount of the refund to your insurer and this will be deducted from the final amount due to you.
• In view of the costs involved, we will not issue any return premium that is less than £25 (after deducting reclaimed commission).
• If a policy is cancelled, we shall refund any return premium due (after deduction of the commission) within 48 hours of receipt from the insurer. You should be aware that refunds may take up to 60 days to be received by us from your insurer and we cannot release the money to you until it is received by us.

Minimum and Deposit

You will be advised if any premium is offered by an insurer on a “Minimum and Deposit” basis. This means that the price quoted is the minimum that you agree to pay for the contract and, if the policy cancels or the contract is reduced eg. If your sums insured reduce, you will not be provided with a refund of premium. Additional premiums will still be charged if the cover is increased.
If an insurer offers terms on a percentage minimum and deposit basis you should be aware that you are responsible for payment of the full 100% premium but they will not reduce below the agreed percentage in the event of changes to the contract.

Policy terms, conditions and warranties

We arrange policies for a standard 12 month period unless you are advised differently. You should read through all policy terms, conditions and warranties shown on your policy documentation. Please ensure you understand them and are able to follow their requirements exactly. If not, please advise us immediately, as a breach of any terms, conditions or warranties may enable your insurer to terminate your policy from the date of that breach, and/or repudiate a claim under your policy.

Contract certainty

At the time of arranging the insurance contract for you we shall tell you of any subjectivities that may apply. Insurers often offer cover subject to certain conditions such as, but not limited to:
• Receipt of a fully completed and signed proposal form
• Statement of Fact
• Survey of the premises and compliance with any risk improvement requirements within specified timescales.
Until or upon completion of any subjectivities the insurers may at their option:
• modify the premium quoted
• make amendments to the terms and conditions of the quotation
• require you to make alterations
• withdraw any terms offered
• leave the terms unaltered

Access to records by a regulator or complaints resolution body

We may have to allow access to your records by a regulator or complaints resolution body, or their appointees or representatives, who have been appointed to undertake monitoring or investigatory activities

Employers Liability Tracing Office

Whilst we shall make every effort to maintain a record of Employer’s liability insurances placed by us on your behalf, it is ultimately your legal responsibility to ensure that you have maintained the minimum cover required in order to comply with the Employers’ Liability Compulsory Insurance Act 1968.

If your business structure changes or you transfer any employees under TUPE then you may need to consider retrospective cover to protect you against your additional liabilities which you have accepted.

You are legally required to retain records for a minimum of 40 years regarding the details of your Employers Liability Insurance arrangements.

We can only advise you if you let us know what changes you are making and it is important that we work together to ensure the most effective insurance programme to meet your needs.

Earning interest on customer premiums

We hold premiums that you pay to us in a Client Money Bank Account. Under FCA Regulations we have to inform you that we may earn interest from the money held in our Client Money Bank Account and, although unlikely, it may exceed £20 for any one transaction that you make with us. Interest earned on the Client Money Bank Account is retained by us. By accepting these Terms of Business, you are giving your consent for us to act in the manner described.

Statement of price

We shall provide you with a statement of price which clearly shows the insurer’s premium and separately the Insurance Premium Tax, any fees or charges for the placing of the insurance by us and any charges for any additional services.

If you do not receive documentation clearly showing this then please contact us immediately.

Premium Payment Warranty

You will be advised if a contract is subject to a Premium Payment Warranty which states that your insurers are required to be in receipt of the premium by a certain date. Failure to ensure that the warranty is complied with will result in any policy being considered to be void. As this may leave you with no cover it is important that you understand the need to provide us with your remittance in good time to ensure we can settle to insurers. In the event that there is a chain of insurers then additional time will be needed to transfer your premium.


In good time before the renewal of your policy, we shall contact you with the renewal premium and terms for the coming year.

Policies where premiums are paid by insurers installment plans

If you have not contacted us before the renewal date, your insurers will automatically begin collection of premiums at the new rate but you should still ensure you confirm your
acceptance of the terms offered. If you do not wish to renew the policy, please let us know as soon as possible and we would also advise you to cancel your direct debiting instruction with your bank prior to renewal date.

Policies where premiums are paid by other means including Close Premium Finance or Premium Credit Loans

You must advise us on or before renewal date if you wish the policy to be renewed. You must also advise how you wish to pay the premium. Failure to confirm that renewal is required may result in cover lapsing.

Once renewal is confirmed and the premium paid, we will send your certificates of insurance where applicable.


We take all complaints seriously. If you wish to register a complaint then please contact our Complaints
Officer either:-
In writing to “The Complaints Officer”, Autonetic Insurance & Pensions Services (A.I.P.S.) Ltd, 363 Nottingham Road Mansfield NG18 4SG

By telephone on 01623 650750

We will acknowledge your complaint in writing and tell you how we will handle it. If we are unable to settle your complaint with us, you may be entitled to refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service. A copy of our complaints procedure is available upon request.

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme

We are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. You may be entitled to compensation from the FSCS if we are unable to meet our liabilities.

Further information about the compensation scheme arrangements is available from:
Financial Services Compensation Scheme
7th Floor, Lloyds Chambers
Portsoken Street
London E1 8BN
Tel: 020 7892 7300
Fax: 020 7892 7301
Email: enquiries@fscs.org.uk Website : www.fscs.org.uk

Contact Details

We have a telephone system which automatically provides you with information on a recorded message, much of which is contained in this document. To avoid the need to navigate through this system you can contact us on the following direct numbers:

Commercial Insurance Department 01623 663101
Claims Department 01623 663110

Service Charter

Contract of Insurance

• We shall provide you with terms including all exclusions and conditions relevant to your individual demands and needs in good time and in writing.
• We shall act upon your instructions to place cover within 2 business days of receipt of your instructions but prior to the cover commencement date in all cases.
• Where the existing insurer is unable to provide terms in advance of renewal date we shall ensure you are kept advised of all progress and maintain cover on your behalf.

 If at any time we are unable to comply with any of our commitments you will immediately be notified.


• We shall report all claims notified by you to insurers on the same day we receive your notification unless the insurer requires direct notification by you. In this event we shall provide you with full contact details and any special arrangements.
• We shall keep you advised of developments and progress of your claim.
• We shall apply our best endeavors to require the insurers to handle your claim speedily and arrange settlement as soon as possible.
• We shall provide you with all post loss support in dealings with loss adjusters at your request.

This service charter does not override our usual customer priorities. It is our aim to always provide you with advice and service that you have come to expect of us.

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